L’Univers de Sam Amuse Team

These creative members help make your exploration fun and turbulence-free.

Sam le dragon

Guide and polyglot companion

📍 Mysterious World

In addition to helping teachers find their childlike hearts, Sam the dragon is the endearing and inclusive friend who accompanies students on their language learning journey. Beware: his curiosity and sense of adventure could be contagious!

Jennifer Marcheterre


📍 St. Boniface, Manitoba

Jennifer’s vision: to give teachers a hand and help children learn French with a turnkey educational application. L’Univers de Sam Amuse is the realisation of this vision! From ideation to development, Jennifer plans, contributes and coordinates all the steps with the help of the team members.

L’Univers de Sam Amsue platform launched in the fall of 2022 thanks to the support and hard work of these collaborators who joined the adventure.

Since 2018, Sam and Jennifer have benefited from the guidance of teachers and mentors, as well as the help of family members (who make great testers😉).

Photo de Jennifer Marcheterre Crédit La Liberté

Merci to these teachers who have supported the project from the start by donating their time and valuable advice.

Anne Guilmaine

Jeux Sam Amuse Cofounder & Elementary Teacher

📍 The Pas, Manitoba

Brittany A.-B.

Elementary Teacher

📍 Portage-la-Prairie, Manitoba
(prev. The Pas, Manitoba)

Sophie Turbide

Elementary Teacher

📍 Sept-Îles, Québec
(prev. Flin Flon, Manitoba)

Merci to these professionals who have contributed or still contribute to the development of L’Univers de Sam Amuse and the resources by sharing their expertise.

Jean Le Clerc

Platform Programmer

📍 Cantley, Québec

This developer has cultivated and grown the idea of L’Univers into an intuitive and adaptive Web platform.

nibnut app maker

Sébastien B.

Game Programmer

📍 Québec, Québec

He develops the magic code to transform images and voices into interactive games compatible to all devices.

Développement Origin

Laurie-Anne Leclerc

Resources Creation Assistant

📍 Québec, Québec
(prev. Angus-Borden, Ontario)

This wizard has more than one trick up her sleeve to help develop fun and educational resources.

Laurie-Anne Leclerc Assistante virtuelle

Christophe Gouin

Sam the dragon Illustrator

📍 Val-Bélair, Québec

His talents in illustration and animation bring Sam the dragon to life since 2018!

Laura Lussier

Voice Actress

📍 St. Boniface, Manitoba

Have you seen her at the theatre or on some TV shows? You can now hear her voice in L’Étang des sons as well as in the Bingo des nombres and Bingo de l’Halloween!


Carole Meneghel

Voice Actress

📍 Gatineau, Québec
(prev. St. Boniface, Manitoba)

This singer and violinist has many strings to her bow, including recording voices for games, such as Bulles d’amour des animaux and Bulles d’amour de la nourriture.

Maison de production Apollonia

Robert Piette

Voice Actor

📍 Gatineau, Québec
(prev. St. Boniface, Manitoba)

In addition to the multiple talents of this multi-instrumentalist and composer, let us add the recording of voices for games, like Bingo de l’alphabet and upcoming games about Winter and Christmas.

Maison de production Apollonia

Sophie Bouchard Tremblay

Voice Actress

📍 Saguenay, Québec
(prev. St. Boniface, Manitoba)

This drama artist trades the stage for a microphone to accompany you in L’Étang des sons and story games currently under development!


Voice Actress

📍 Île-des-Chênes, Manitoba

The voice of our youngest recruit will be your guide par excellence in several upcoming games: geometric shapes and riddles are on the menu!

Cécile Beaulieu Brousseau

Story Writer

📍 Gatineau, Québec

This author works magic to imagine the rhymes of the stories soon to be transformed into games.

Discover her children’s books

Marjorie Smith

Story Writer

📍 Deschambault, Québec

Her creative pen guided her in writing stories to be discovered in the upcoming games in 2023.

Dans mon carnet


Graphic Artist

📍 Fribourg, Suisse
(prev. Moncton, Nouveau-Brunswick)

This talented visual artist contributed to the graphic design of the Halloween and School Supplies games.

Atelier Vandy

Infolettre de Jeux Sam Amuse